Need a lawyer in dispute against Swedish buyer or seller?

Welcome to Swedish legal firm Din Juridik “Your Law”. Our legal firm specializes in contract law disputes between buyers and sellers of goods or services.

Our experience in purchasing law will help you with your claim against a Swedish company or private individual.

– Relevant law

If it is stipulated in your contract with the Swedish party which country’s law should be applied and which country’s courts should try the case, this usually is binding for both parties.

If it is not specified in contract, the applicable law is determined by national law and depends on for example if buyer or seller is a consumer.

If the seller is in Sweden and is a commercial seller, usually the law on international purchases (CISG) applies, read more (in Swedish).

Our lawyers are experts in purchasing law

Legal firm “Din Juridik/Your law” often help in disputes between car dealers, manufacturers, insurance companies, between commercial parties or between consumers. We also assist in cases related to international purchases. We assist buyers as well as sellers. We are a legal firm who assist in all cases surrounding purchasing law. We assist companies as well as private individuals in whole of Sweden or abroad.

– Honest prediction of the possibilities in your case

Our ambition is to push your case forward for the fastest, best and most cost-effective solution. We give you a straight answer and clear communication regarding your possibilities to succeed in the case. We do not take on cases where we believe the chance of success is low.

Contact us

Up to 15 minutes free

Contact us by calling 08-559 16 295 to discuss your legal issue and the possibility for us to take your case. We give you up to 15 minutes of free legal advice. Note that you in some cases may have insurance policies that can cover further legal assistance through us.

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marcus fjeldstad
marcus fjeldstad
Mycket bra hjälp !
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Tommy Lokander
Tommy Lokander
Vill verkligen rekommendera Juristbyrån Din Juridik. De svarade snabbt på mail och allt gick väldigt smidigt. Utan juridisk hjälp kom vi ingen vart, så vi är supernöjda med Din Juridik och förlikningen med bilfirman.
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Ola Gräsberg
Ola Gräsberg
Mycket bra bemötande, tydlig kommunikation och snabbt svar. Rekommenderas!
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Fick snabb och professionell vägledning.
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Per Karnbrink
Per Karnbrink
Från den första kontakten till förlikningen med bilfirman, har juristen agerat kunnigt. Otroligt skönt att ha ett professionellt bollplank i en svår situation. Han såg till att rätt blev rätt, utan tingsrätt! Rekommenderas!!
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Amount won or settled cases

Because we do not take cases where we think the possibilities of success are low, we can claim a 9 out of 10 rate of won or settled cases in the field of purchase law.

  • Other civil law, family law or public law
  • Purchase law

Experts in purchasing law

Approxiamtely 75 % of our cases are related to purchasing law. You can be sure that this is our area of expertise.

  • Court proceedings
  • Settlement outside of court

Usually a solution without court proceedings

In over 50 % of the cases we solve the case without court proceedings. For example by the counterpart agreeing to a solution or we reach a ruling “in abstentia”.