Din Juridik Juristbyrå AB (“Your Law legal office LLC.”)

Din Juridik Law Office in Stockholm provides assistance and support in legal cases or disputes relating to real estate, family law, business law or general private law including help with government agencies. We can help you purchase real estate or aid you if you have a dispute regarding property. We can also help you start your own business or seek refuge in Sweden or reunification with your family.

Welcome to Din Juridik – where every client is treated with professional dedication.


Din Juridik offers you a wealth of experience from which you will benefit when you hire us. Our team consists of professional lawyers with great experience and all the skills that you may need in legal matters relating to real estate, business, family, immigration and economic law.

Our company has an understanding about the local business climate and your rights. We are able to put ourselves in your place and provide the necessary support and understanding that you may need in difficult life situations or when making difficult decisions.

For companies, we have special packages where we offer a continuing support to the company as well as access to debt collection services. Our law firm holds a special debt collection permit.



Purchasing real estate can be a risky matter. To decrease the risk you can hire our lawyer who can contact a real estate inspector, contract insurance and draw up appropriate contracts. Din Juridik is your full service law firm in the real estate purchase or sale. We also deal a lot with real estate sales gone wrong, for example dealing with ”hidden errors”.


We can make sure you get paid. We deal with cross border debt collection. We can also help you to get permits for different business sectors. We can also advice you on tax matters. We are the full service law firm for your company.


We can help you with all stages of the family law. Everything from getting a residence permit to Sweden or such matters as marriage and inheritance. Did you know that in Sweden there are special rules for a man and a woman living with eachother under ”conditions similar to marriage”? In such situations, the other party can get a right to the property that you are living in, despite not having contributed economically to the purchase. We can make sure such matters are regulated in a contract to avoid future surprises.

We can also help with property division during divorce. Obligations and assets should be distributed between the parties, but it is often difficult to determine what type of assets should be included in the division. Sometimes the case becomes more complicated – especially in cases when the law of other countries is involved in the case.

Din Juridik has a wealth of expert experience in both international and Swedish family law.


We have dealt with many construction projects gone wrong. We are experts when it comes to the law surrounding construction projects.


Has your goods been damaged or have you not received an order from a Swedish company? This is just one type of situation that we can help you with. With a solid experience in civil law and a large contact net we can offer expert advice in most areas of civil law and contract law. Contact us for more information!


Marcus Palmberg, LL.M. and owner

Marcus Palmberg is the owner of Din Juridik legal firm. He specializes in real estate law, business law and contract law. Marcus Palmberg has a Masters of Laws (LL.M.) from Stockholm University.

Veronika Wellsing, LL.M. and lawyer

Veronika Wellsing is an employed lawyer. She specializes in family law. Veronika Wellsing has a Masters of Laws (LL.M.) from Stockholm University.