The Sambo Law

The Swedish Sambo Law (Law on Cohabitation)

What is a sambo?

Sambos are two people that live together steadily in a couple relationship in a shared household.

How is a sambo-relationship terminated?

A sambo-relationship is terminated by one of the sambos moving out of the shared home (separate/separera).

Joint home

An accommodation bought by one of the sambos with the intent that both of the parties should live there is legally a joint home. It does not matter which one of the parties that paid for the joint home or who is the official owner. Upon termination of the sambo-relationship, the party that does not own the joint home, can demand that the joint home is split through estate division (bodelning) – this means that the other sambo, who did not necessarily pay anything, has to be compensated for half the value of the joint home.

Estate division of household goods

Everything that is bought for common use inside your joint home can also be included in the estate division after a sambo-relationship ends.

Avoid estate division

By creating a sambo-contract/cohabitation agreement (samboavtal), you can enter a legal contract with your sambo that no estate division shall take place if the sambo-relationship should end through separation. Visit our page to create a sambo-contract or call us at 08 189 891.